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If you already use another form of advertising, here's why you should include billboards!

What are some drawbacks of the other advertising formats? How can supplementing them with outdoor advertising help you create a more well rounded and efficient campaign?


• Audience share is generally declining due to excessively fragmented audiences.

• Widespread use of DVRs diminishes the impact of commercials.
• Expensive and rising production costs, relative to other media.
• Many television shows skew older and lower income.
• Not a cost effective frequency medium. For each purchase, viewers only see your ad once.
• Ad clutter:  The number of commercial minutes per hour on broadcast television continues to rise, while cable television            boasts an even higher rate.

• Outdoor advertising reinforces television messages when viewers are away from their homes during the course of daily               activities.
• Television is expensive. Outdoor advertising improves the efficiency of a television campaign by driving down CPM costs.

• Outdoor reaches light TV viewers who are younger, mobile, and more affluent than heavy TV viewers.
• Outdoor advertising offers localized media reinforcement of cable television advertising.

• No visual reinforcement or product demonstration ability.
• Listeners are encouraged to jump from station to station to seek out blocks of commercial free music.
• Advertisers must spend more (multiple stations and formats) to reach a more diverse audience, offsetting the cost                    effectiveness of radio.​

• The combination of radio and Outdoor reaches a mobile audience, offering a balance of sight and sound.
• Radio messages are susceptible to channel surfing. Outdoor advertising can maintain the market presence of a brand              featured on the radio after listeners have switched stations.
• Radio is considered a frequency medium and Outdoor can increase the reach of a radio campaign by providing broad            
market appeal to radio listeners.​

• Decreasing market penetration and readership.
• Low younger audience (18-24) readership.
• Not a cost effective frequency medium.
• Ad clutter:  Most profitable newspapers are up to 60-70% advertising, leading to large chunks of cluttered ads that readers      can easily gloss over.
• Some ad recall studies show less than 50 percent of newspaper readers recall noting ads.​


• Outdoor advertising can resolve some of newspaper's distribution shortcomings by offering selective targeting.
• Newspapers have a short shelf life. Outdoor advertising can extend the life of a newspaper campaign by presenting ad            messages in a marketplace 24 hours per day, seven days per week.
• Readership rates are in steady decline due to increasing numbers of alter
nate news sources. Outdoor advertising's very          nature is unavoidable and impacts consumers lost to other news sources.

• Many people use ad-blockers while browsing the internet.

• Limited frequency and reach across millions of websites.

• Outdoor advertising extends the reach and frequency of an Internet campaign when users are offline and on the roads.
• The brevity of outdoor copy is ideal for driving traffic to a website.

 The proliferation of smart phones allows customers to access your web content immediately, while in their car or when they              reach  their destination.

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