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How It All Works

If you're new to outdoor advertising, we suggest you take some time to browse the information we've made available below, and in our FAQ Section. After you've taken a look, feel free to give us a call or shoot us an e-mail with any specific questions you might have. We look forward to helping you kickstart a successful billboard campaign!!!


When Highway Displays was founded in 1921, all of our signs were hand painted by a small group of talented artists. Almost 100 years later, thanks to advances in technology, the process has become cheaper, quicker and more efficient. Today, 

Highway Displays maintains two different types of advertising spaces:  Posters and Bulletins.

Posters are printed on PE or vinyl and attached to our poster frames with springs. They all measure 10'4" x 23'.

Bulletins are printed on a single sheet of vinyl and wrapped around the billboard's face. They vary in size from 6' x 12' to 24' x 100'.

The monthly cost of our signs ranges from around $400 to about $3,200. Price is determined by size, illumination, road traffic, approach, propinquity (nearness in time and space to a purchase decision), and cross-read vs. driver side-read.

An additional one-time printing and installation charge is applied to all signs. The cost of Poster printing is $349 per location. Bulletin printing and installation is $2.25 per square foot. A discount applies if a used vinyl is transferred to a new billboard structure.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



Posters are ideal for new products or service introductions. These signs are quick tools for building awareness and are great for stimulating sales near point-of-purchase locations.


Even though our Posters are smaller than some of our larger Bulletins, they still deliver high impact advertising while offering versatility for short-term, seasonal and regional campaigns. Because of their moderate size, Posters can penetrate neighborhoods and pinpoint demographic and socio-economic areas while offering high visibility to pedestrians and motorists.


Vinyl posters will last up to 6+ months in normal weather conditions, and may be moved from one location to another.


Bulletins are a longer-term option. They stay in a fixed location for an extended period of time to assure dominance in the selected area. By remaining in one spot, these signs ensure repeat exposure to your target market.

Bulletins are very durable. They can easily be removed from their structures and may be moved to another location if your campaign lasts longer than 12 months (as long as the two structures are the same size).

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