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The success or failure of any company depends heavily on it's interactions with customers. A satisfied customer often means repeat business, and we're extremely proud of the relationships we've built over the years.

Poughkeepsie, NY

"Thanks so much for all your help with our advertising. As you know, we are thrilled with the results we get from advertising on your billboards. In today's marketplace when all advertising mediums are becoming more and more specific, advertisers have to choose a multitude of radio stations, for example, to reach their entire audience.

We love billboards because they cover the entire spectrum.  Everyone sees them and they reach our entire market, all ages, all incomes, male and female! We know we can reach our entire market with one purchase from you.

It's also been a pleasure over the years dealing with you and your people!  They're very creative and constantly come up with interesting ideas to keep us being noticed. Thanks again and I look forward to working together for many years to come."

Poughkeepsie, NY

"After so many years doing business with Highway Displays, I think a word of appreciation is in order. It is not the tremendous effectiveness of billboard advertising that prompts me to write. It is the unique pleasure of advertising with [your staff].

I do a lot of advertising, and I keep my eye on all kinds of businesses, not just other law firms. When it comes to marketing, I am amazed at how often people settle for high prices, marginal effort, and arms-length relationships. It is particularly true when dealing with the big companies selling billboards, but many who call themselves 'family owned' also take their customers for granted.

It has never been that way with Highway Displays. From day one -- and we are approaching our third decade -- you have given me a fair price, continuous effort, and a relationship in which you never bother me with sales calls. You are there when I need you. You are invariably responsive to my ideas and concerns.

People often ask me if the billboards 'work.' My answer is always the same: Good marketing is never just one activity. Billboards are an essential part of any good marketing plan, and you should get them from Highway Displays.

Keep up the good work. Thank you for all the help, these many years."

Poughkeepsie, NY

"We have had an excellent business relationship with Highway Displays for many years. Billboard advertising has been an integral part of our marketing plan, with very positive results. The staff at Highway Displays has always been very helpful, whether advising us when reserving boards, or solving problems such as weather related damage, or even the rare instance of vandalism. They have gone above and beyond to help our businesses."

New York

"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what a successful component your billboards have been to my business. They are the perfect compliment to my advertising campaign reinforcing my radio spots.  As soon as they go up I hear from clients saying that they saw them. With your help, new customers find me every day. Every time a billboard goes up, business goes up! It's that simple! The level of exposure they give me is great.

I am a HUGE fan of Highway Displays, a local company that cares about local businesses. The Highway Displays team is invested in the Hudson Valley, and I would not consider going anywhere else with my outdoor advertising!"

Dr. Jane McElduff

Beacon, NY

"We at Dr. Jane McElduff's dental office have been working with Highway Displays for about 7 years. They are always prompt and courteous. Our boards always look neat and professional, and they go up timely every month. They are always here to help whenever we need them to go above and beyond.

We would recommend billboards as a way to advertise and definitely recommend working with the crew at Highway Displays."

Pleasant Valley, NY

"Billboards are the best advertisement . Your company has great customer service...and is extremely efficient!"

New York

"I handle billboard advertising for 3 companies and have received great customer service and attention to our billboard.  We have been on the same board for many years switching between the 3 companies.  I am pleased to say all my requests for switching posters have been made accurately and timely.  Thank you for changing the board in rain, snow, wind and hail."

New York

"Highway Displays has been a part of our advertising for over 20 years, always providing excellent service. We have been very happy with local billboard advertising, as it reaches our target audience on a daily basis. Thank you Highway Displays!"

Fishkill, NY

"Highway Displays has been successfully fulfilling our billboard needs for over twenty-five years. Jeffrey Hartman of Highway Displays has been a pleasure to work with. He has assisted us in advertising charitable events, most notably our annual Relay for Life of Fishkill, held at the All Sport Outdoor Park each June. We wish Highway Displays continued success."

Poughkeepsie, NY

"Once again, thank you for your generous, ongoing support of Abilities First...It is with the support of businesses like Highway Displays that enables Abilities First to continue to provide quality services to over 2,300 of our neighbors with disabilities in the Mid-Hudson area. Thank you again for your support."

The Inside Scoop

Hyde Park, NY

"We at The Inside Scoop are always excited to see our billboard Ad being posted up year after year. The location and proximity to our store makes it very attractive for new customers to give us a try. The billboard has generated many additional sales and we will continue doing business with you in the near future."

Dutchess Heritage Square Partners

Hopewell Junction, NY

"Just a short note to tell you how pleased we are with the billboard advertising
campaign Highway Displays has hosted for our Heritage Square corporate
complex in East Fishkill these past three years. Working with our media
company, you and your staff have proven to be a truly professional resource
that we confidently rely upon to get our message out to the community we serve.

As we change the billboard design copy at the intersection of Routes 52 &
376 every month, coordinating the artwork, printing and posting functions in
a timely manner is essential. Highway Displays has and continues to respond
to our needs whenever and whatever the conditions dictate. Know that we
appreciate your organization's professionalism and attention to detail.
Looking forward to a long and continuing working relationship!"


"We thank Highway Displays for their outstanding public service in support of the United States Navy. Your exceptional efforts have contributed greatly to increased Navy awareness and helped to meet the challenge of recruiting for our nation's armed forces."

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